Programming w/ VICE & Turbo Macro Pro

First steps:

  1. Install VICE.
  2. Download Turbo Macro Pro.
  3. Open Turbo Macro Pro editor documentation.

Once VICE is running, attach the Turbo Macro Pro disk to device 8 and:

  1. LOAD "TMP V1.2/S.",8,1
  2. Wait until the program has been loaded (if you use true drive emulation, it'll take some time).
  3. SYS32768

Important keyboard shortcuts

Turbo Macro Pro works only with keyboard shortcuts. So, the following will come handy.

The "escape" key for Turbo Macro Pro editor is the section key.

Two important keys (first the CBM key, then the host keyboard key):

Both of those are needed together to stop a running program gone haywire.

Saving files

Files are saved with the key combination "the escape key" + S. By default files are not overwritten. If you want to overwrite a previously saved file, prefix the filename with @:. E.g. @:asmprog1.

Example code

  1. How to return easily to TMP after program execution